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What should i be wary of when using EV chargers ?

What should you be wary of when using EV chargers? This is an important question, because charging your electric vehicle involves not only the performance and lifespan of your battery, but also the safety and environmental protection. Here are some basic principles and precautions to follow when charging:

Use certified charging equipment. Do not use untested or unqualified chargers, as they may pose a risk of fire or electric shock. When buying charging equipment, check if it has a certification mark from a nationally recognized testing laboratory . If in doubt, consult your vehicle manufacturer or dealer.

Avoid charging in extreme temperatures. EV batteries are affected by high or low temperatures, which can reduce their charging efficiency or damage them. Generally, the optimal temperature range for charging is 15°C to 35°C. If you have to charge in extreme temperatures, use the air conditioning or heating system in your vehicle to regulate the battery temperature.

Avoid charging in humid environments. Moisture and electricity are a dangerous combination, which can cause fire or electric shock accidents . On rainy or snowy days, make sure the charging socket and plug are dry and free of water . If possible, charge indoors or under shelter. Also, check the manufacturer’s guidelines to see if you can safely charge your vehicle in humid conditions .

Do not overcharge. Overcharging can cause the battery to overheat or overvoltage, which can lower its lifespan and performance. Generally, you should stop fast charging when the battery reaches 80% of its capacity. If you need to continue charging, switch to a slow charging mode. Additionally, check regularly if the manufacturer has issued any notices about battery defects or recalls. If there are any warnings or recommendations, take appropriate actions.

Choose the right charging mode and time. Depending on your trip and needs, you can choose different charging modes and times. For example, if you need to replenish your vehicle’s energy as soon as possible, you can choose a fast charging station, which can fill up your battery in a few minutes. However, fast charging also causes some wear and tear on your battery, so it is not recommended to use it frequently. If you have enough time, you can choose a slow charging station or a home outlet, which can complete the charging in a few hours. This can reduce the stress on your battery and save some costs. Moreover, you can also choose to charge at night or during off-peak hours, which can take advantage of cheaper and cleaner electricity and reduce the burden on the grid.

Pay attention to the environmental impact and social responsibility. Using an electric vehicle is an eco-friendly and energy-saving way of traveling, but you should also be aware of its impact on the environment and society. For example, you should make sure that the electricity source you use is renewable or low-carbon, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You should also follow the rules and etiquette of the charging station, do not occupy other users’ charging spots or waste electricity. You should also pay attention to the recycling and disposal of batteries, do not discard or damage them randomly, to avoid pollution or harm.

These are some of the things you should be wary of when using EV chargers. By following these principles and suggestions, you can ensure your vehicle and your safety, and enjoy a better driving experience.


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