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Industrial Speed: 22KW AC EV Charger for Quick Charging!

One of the main challenges for electric vehicle (EV) owners is finding a convenient and reliable place to charge their vehicles, especially in industrial and commercial settings. While most EVs can be charged at home or at public charging stations, these options may not be suitable for heavy-duty or long-distance driving, which require faster and more powerful charging solutions.

That's why some innovative companies have developed 22 kW AC EV chargers, which can provide quick and efficient charging for EVs in industrial settings. A 22 kW AC EV charger is a type of Level 2 charger, which uses alternating current (AC) to deliver power to the EV's onboard charger, which then converts it to direct current (DC) to charge the battery. A 22 kW AC EV charger can charge an EV up to six times faster than a standard 3.7 kW AC EV charger, adding up to 120 km (75 miles) of range per hour.

A 22 kW AC EV charger can be installed in factories, warehouses, logistics centers, and other industrial locations, where EVs are used for transportation, delivery, or service purposes. By installing a 22 kW AC EV charger, industrial users can benefit from the following advantages:

- **Reduced downtime**: A 22 kW AC EV charger can fully charge an EV in about 3-4 hours, or top up the battery in 1-2 hours, depending on the battery size and state of charge. This means that industrial users can minimize the idle time of their EVs, and maximize their productivity and efficiency.
- **Lower costs**: A 22 kW AC EV charger can reduce the operating costs of EVs, by using cheaper and cleaner electricity instead of fossil fuels. Moreover, a 22 kW AC EV charger can also reduce the maintenance costs of EVs, by prolonging the battery life and avoiding degradation caused by fast DC charging.
- **Greater flexibility**: A 22 kW AC EV charger can offer more flexibility and convenience for industrial users, by allowing them to charge their EVs at any time and place, without relying on the availability and accessibility of public charging stations. A 22 kW AC EV charger can also support different types of EVs, by using universal charging standards and interfaces, such as Type 2 (Mennekes) or CCS (Combined Charging System).
- **Enhanced sustainability**: A 22 kW AC EV charger can improve the environmental performance of industrial users, by reducing the carbon emissions and air pollution caused by fossil fuel vehicles. A 22 kW AC EV charger can also integrate with renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, and smart grid management systems, such as OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol), to create a more sustainable and intelligent energy solution.

There are many examples of 22 kW AC EV chargers on the market, such as the [AC MAX]( from Delta, the [EVAC-I (EU)]( from Power Sonic, and the [Zappi]( from Evolution Australia. These products offer various features and functions, such as RFID authentication, network connectivity, dynamic load balancing, PV power preferred mode, and more, to meet the diverse needs and preferences of industrial users.

A 22 kW AC EV charger is a smart and powerful charging solution that can provide quick and green charging for EVs in industrial settings. It can also integrate with solar power and smart grid systems, to create a more sustainable and intelligent energy solution. A 22 kW AC EV charger is a product that demonstrates how industrial speed can transform the EV charging industry and the future of mobility.


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