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Experience the Convenience of Home Electric Vehicle ev Charging Stations

Home charging stations provide convenient and fast charging services for electric vehicles, saving time and cost, and avoiding queues at public charging stations. They offer users a safer, more convenient, and faster way to charge their vehicles.

Installation considerations:

Home  ev charging stations should be installed by professional technicians and should not be installed or modified by individuals.
Before installation, it is necessary to check if the home's electrical circuit meets the requirements, if there is sufficient space and ventilation, and if there is a suitable ground and fixing method.
     After installation, testing and acceptance should be conducted to ensure that the ev charging station works properly without any issues such as leakage, overheating, or loose connections.
Safety usage guidelines:
Before using the ev charging station, please read all instructions carefully:

     The charging station should be kept away from potential hazards such as water sources, open flames, heat sources, and flammable materials to prevent accidents such as electric shock, fire, or explosion.
Keep the charging gun clean and dry. If it is dirty, use a clean dry cloth to wipe it. Never touch the charging gun core with your hands when it is energized.
It is strictly prohibited to use the charging station when there are defects, cracks, wear, breakage, or exposed cables in the charging gun or charging cable. If any issues are found, please contact the personnel promptly.
      Do not attempt to dismantle, repair, or modify the charging station. If the charging station is damaged, it must be repaired by the manufacturer, its authorized dealer, or qualified personnel to prevent accidents.
In case of any abnormal conditions during use, immediately press the emergency stop button to cut off all input and output power.
It is not recommended to use the charging station during thunderstorms or power outages to prevent lightning strikes or overvoltage impacts.
The vehicle is prohibited from driving during the charging process. Charging should only be done when the vehicle is stationary. For hybrid vehicles, the engine should be turned off before charging.
      The ev car charging station should only be used for designated vehicle models and specifications and should not be replaced or mixed with other models. Otherwise, it may cause damage or danger.
The charging station should be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep the surface clean, free of dust, and foreign objects. If any abnormalities or malfunctions are discovered, usage should be immediately stopped, and the installation personnel or after-sales service should be contacted for assistance.
The charging station should be kept out of reach of children or pets to prevent injuries.
Routine maintenance:

   Keep it clean: Regularly wipe the surface of the charging station with a clean cloth to remove dust, foreign objects, etc. Check if the charging station is working properly and if there are any fault indicators.
Check connections: Regularly inspect the charging station's socket, plug, wires, etc., for any damage, deformation, looseness, etc. If any issues are found, replace or repair them promptly.
        Monitor temperature: During the charging process, pay attention to the surface temperature of the charging station. If it becomes excessively high, stop charging immediately and contact maintenance personnel.
Waterproof and moisture-proof: In rainy or humid conditions, avoid using the charging station if possible. If it must be used, take measures to prevent water and moisture to avoid electric shock or short circuits.
       Regular maintenance: It is recommended to perform a safety check and maintenance of the charging station every month, conducted by professionals. Inspect the circuit breakers, indicators, fire-fighting equipment, etc., to ensure their normal operation and replace or repair any faulty components.


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