Wallbox 32A 22kw Level 2 Fast Wall Mount EV Charger

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Quick details:

name: Wallbox 22kw Type2 Fast Charging Station EV Wall Charger 32A Wall Mount EV Charge Degree of Protection: IP65
Socket Type: IEC 62196 Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ +50°C
Rated Voltage: 220-250V AC  Cable length: 5 meters
RFID User Access Control: Integrated Max Output Power:  22KW
Certificate:  CE  FCC TUV LED Status Indication: 14.1 ounces
Power Supply: 220-250V Start method: plug and charge, RFID card

Basic protection functions:

  • Protection level:IP66                   Leakage Protection TypeB 
  •  Over Current Protection               Over Temperature Protection
  • Lightning  Protection                    Over-voltage Protection
  • Short Circult Protection                Voltage Fluctuation Protection


wallboxWallbox Body:      

  • Automatic Error Correction                 LCD Screen
  • Automatic Reconnection                    Safe and Fast Charging
  • Waterproof                                         Temperature Monltoring System

Strength Factory 7KW  EV Electric Vehicle AC Station with Type 2 PlugEv Charging Plug:

  • Silver plating treatment
  • Tempature monitoring

Strength Factory 7KW  EV Electric Vehicle AC Station with Type 2 PlugEnvironmental TPU Cable:

  • International environmental standards
  • Cold and high temperature resistant
  • Long service Life




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