We make going further work.


*Electric vehicle owners have high safety, efficiency and technology demands. Manufacturers are tasked with responding with innovations that perform and inspire, while meeting their business goals. Our electrification expertise lets you achieve both.

Our experience, coupled with our deep knowledge in power electronics and electrical power distribution, inspires technologies that save time, increase safety and drive efficiencies that impact your business and the planet for the better. Our power-dense high-voltage inverters deliver electric power from the battery to the wheels efficiently and with less weight to increase driving range. Our Bussmann series fuses open up to 10 times faster to ensure the protection of circuits under high fault-current conditions. Our high-voltage DC/DC converters let customers travel safely in style by converting high voltages to low voltages, allowing power for infotainment and safety systems. And our intelligent PDUs are smart enough to predict fuse life and even alert drivers of loss of power so they can reach service safely.

Every driver wants to feel confident on the road. Vehicle manufacturers want to drive sales and grow their business. With Eaton’s know-how, resources and solutions, you’ll build electric vehicles that excite and create newer, safer products that take your business further.