Wallbox Ev Charge

Wallbox Ev Charge

Fastest, Safest & Most Reliable

  • TUV certification, CE certification
  • Easy to install
  • A professional team answers questions

Proud to Be Trusted by Leading
Brands in Every Industry

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  • Load management
    .Build-in energy meter
    .Built-in safety
  • Overcurrent
    .Overvoltage and undervoltage
    .Ground fault
  • Connectors
    .Type 1 and type 2 cable
    .No need of extra hook, attached
    cable can be wrapped around the
  • Design
    IEC variants:
    – Single phase up to 7 kW / 32A
    – Three phase up to 22 kW / 32 A
  • Performance
    .Excellent protection performance
    .Support logo color customization

Single-phase 7/11/22KW ev-wallbox wallbox ev charger

Explore The Technical Features
Of Our Wallbox

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Why Your Business Should Invest in EV

Did you know that 40% of the planet’s climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions are
due to transportation? We are changing that.